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General League Information

Below is information and rules for the upcoming Blitz  League. Please E mail me back if you are interested in joining at Let me know the day you would like to play  or if you do not have a preference. .


League Director: Tim Titrud 503-701-3481



Cost: The cost for the league is $40. If a player is willing to assist in the league in work such as data entry, cleaning the floors, or moving furniture we will have his fees be partially or fully reduced.


League Season dates and time:

A League Season consists of 6 weeks of regular play followed by a week of playoffs for the top two teams from each night. To find out when the next week begins, see the contact page.  Between the league weeks, the tables are reserved for preseason play.

The preseason play is open to all the players that will be in the next league. The format of play will be such that new players will be allowed to play matches with the established league players in order to find their rating level.



There will typically be four teams of six players for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights.  However this may be modified depending on the number of registered players.

 In table tennis a team match is called a tie. In each tie a player will play three singles and two doubles matches. The top ranked number 1, 2, and 3 players will play together against the other team’s top 1, 2, and 3 toped ranked players. In addition for doubles play the 1 and 2 players will play the other teams 1 and 2 doubles, as well the 2 and 3 players and the number 1 and 3 players.  This will be the same format for the 4, 5, and 6 ranked players.  With six on a team there will be is a total of  24 matches in a tie. The 1,2, and 3 players will play 9 singles and 3 doubles and the 4,5, and 6 players will have the same number of matches.  A win in a match by a player will be 2 points, A win by a player without a uniform will be 1.5 points, A loss by a player will be 1 point, A loss by a player without a uniform will be .5 points. A default by a player is 0 points. The team that receives the most match points is the winner of the tie. A team will receive two points for a win, one point for a loss, and 0 points for a default.  The number of points at the end of the regular season will determine a team’s placement compared to other teams in their division.  If there is a tie at the end of the league or in a team match the ITTF tie breaking system will be used. Section. 3.7.5.


In the league the Laws of USA Table Tennis will be followed.


Team Set up and player draft.

Monday night is the Division I League night.  Preference for joining the Division I league is given to players with the highest Ratings Central rating.  Typically you need to have a rating in the high 800s to qualify.  The remaining players are put into the Division II League which is played on Sundays and Tuesdays.  Everyone is welcome and there is no minimum rating required.  Entry into the Division II League is on a first come basis.

The top players in the leagues, based on Rating Central, will be the captains (one per team). They will come together to have a draft of the players.  The lowest ranked captain will have the first choice of the players followed by the next lowest ranked captain and so on. The draft will snake back and forth till all the players have been selected for the teams. 


All the results in the preseason, regular season, playoffs will be entered into, This rating system will be used as a tool to select the players on the teams and to rank the players in their teams in the course of the league. A player may move up to a higher position within his team if his rating becomes high than his teammate. For example Jerry has a rating of 1000 and is a number 3 player at the beginning of the league and his team mate Tom has a rating of 1050 is the number 2 player. Jerry improves to 1060 and Tom stays at 1050. Jerry may move to the number 2 position and Tom would drop down to the number 3 position.



A team may use a substitute. A substitute is required to have a rating lower than the player he is replacing and the sub’s standard deviation in rating central has to be below 100.  A Substitute cannot be a player that plays on the same league night. For example John who is playing for team orange on Tuesday cannot sub for the Green team that also plays on Tuesday. However: John can be a sub for the black team that plays on Sunday. A player that is not in the league can be used as a substitute. He will be charged $5 for each day he is used as a substitute. A player in the league will not be charged for being a substitute.

Since ratings can change several times a week, a substitute must have a lower rating at the time the substitution is agreed upon (which means the time the League Director was notified of the sub or when the sub was entered into Sub-O-Matic)  Therefore it is possible to have a sub with a higher rating at the time of the match.

Sandbagging with the intention to change ratings is highly frowned upon.  If the League Director suspects matches were intentionally lost in order to secure a better substitute, he may at his discretion delay or revert the entry of the match scores into Ratings Central, thus preventing the bogus substitution.

Special Rules:

In the past a players would receive 2 points for a win, 1.5 points with a win with the wrong color shirt, 1 point for a loss, .5 points for a loss with the wrong color shirt, and 0 points for a default.

In addition to this the following will be added. If a match is played out of order because a player is tardy the players will have .5 points reduced from his points. For example if a tardy player wins his match with the wrong color shirt he will receive 1 point.
A teammate can sub for a tardy player and in this case there will not be any point reduction. However: the sub has to be within 100 points of the tardy player.
A player should call in that he will be late out of courtesy, However: his points will still be reduced even though he called in.
A team receives  two points for a team win, and one point for a team Loss.
In addition a team will now receive 0 points for a default
A default will occur when a team has less than 4 players that show for the team match. In addition all the subs that make up a team have to be within 100 points of the player that is subbing. If a team comes with 4 players but one of the players is a sub that is rated 100 points lower than the players he is replacing the team will have defaulted the team match.  


The top two teams from Sunday and Tuesday will be in the playoffs for a total of 4 teams. A single elimination format will be used. The teams that finished 1st  in their division will play the teams that finished 2nd. The teams will be seeded by how many match points they had at the end of the regular season. In the first round of the single elimination a 1st round team will not play a 2nd round team from the same division. In a team match a team will advance if it receives 13 wins over another team. At this point the rest of the matches will not be played out because the results have already been determined.



Blitz gift cards will be given to the winning teams.

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