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2015 Late Fall

Division I

1st Place

Rich Elrado, Tran Nguyen, Jon Birck, Richard Whitlow, Joel Sommer, and David Steinberg

              2nd Place
              Phil Schock, Steve Marceno, Tom Hibbits, Doug Oja, Jonathan Gifford, and Ken Lee

Division II


1st Place Richard Fan, Joanne McBride, Michelle Rodriquez, and John Mealy

 2nd Place Stan Louie, Colin Sharp, Steve Marcy, and Barry Pinkley


1st Place Richard Fan, Jerry Suplemento, Daniel Tupayachi, Amy Titrud, Debbie Krekos, and Anh Tran

    2nd Place Jeff Schultz, Irving Giller, Troy Nimmer, Gary Graves, Michelle Rodriquez, and Craig Mosbaek