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2016 Late Winter

Division 1

1st place

Tim Titrud, Jon Birck, Sridatha Palwai, Russ Marz, David Stienberg, and Jerry Suplemento

2nd Place

                   Tran Nguyen, George Teodorescu, Joel Sommer, Chihao Mac, Thomas Nam, and Frank Lackie

Division II

Sunday League

1st Place

Sourav Chatterjee, Frank Ohlmann, Dee Bulante, James Richey

2nd Place

Dustin Conrad, Craig Graugnard, Spencer Knuttila, and Barry Pinkley

Tuesday League

1st Place

Tommy Kiser, Troy Nimmer, James Raspen, Justin Gauthier, and John Mealy

2nd Place

Jerry Suplemento, Jack Schatz, Elliott Ruzicka, Shawn Jackson, Ethan Kinner, and Michelle Rodriquez