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2017 Winter

Division I

1st Place Black Team

Oleg Yusimov, Stan Louie, Russ Marz, Grant Christensen, and Daniel Tupayachi

                 2nd Place Team

NIkos Antoniadis, Alan Fung, Joel Sommer, Steve Marcy, and Jerry Suplemento

Division II


1st Place Team

Red Team

Richard Fan, Troy Nimmer, Edwardo Martinez-Zapata, Corinna Borden

2nd Place Team

Kyle Palmer, Amy Titrud, Timmy Lindborg, Michael Rivers, Chris Goodwin


1st Place Team

Chris Satterwhite, Chaovalit Inchan, Ethan Kinner, and John Mealy

2nd Place Team

         Andrey Borovik, Mira Scalpone, Colin Sharp, and Slava Vorobiev