League News

For general information on how the league is configured, go to the  League General Information page.

Spring League #2 Starting Soon.

Cost: $35 for 6 rounds of play (plus any preliminary rounds you want to play).

Preliminary Rounds For anyone in the league or thinking about joining.

 Saturday  April 23rd 3 to 6 PM
 Monday  April 25th 7 to 10 PM
 Tuesday  April 26th 7 to 10 PM
 Sunday   May 1st  7 to 10 PM
 Monday: Top Player Playoffs. May 2nd 7 to 10 PM
 Tuesday  May 3rd 7 to 10 PM
 Saturday  May 7th 3 to 6 PM
 Sunday  May 8th 7 to 10 PM
 Monday  May 9th 7 to 10 PM
 Tuesday  May 10th 7 to 10 PM

The purpose is help establish the ratings of the new players and it will also allow participants in the league to play a variety of players. Players in the league can participate in any of the preliminary dates.  If you are new to the league, show up to as many preliminary rounds as you can.  This will help you get an accurate rating and helps us set up balanced team.  

Spring League #2 Round 1 starts:

 Saturday May 14th
 3 to 6 PM
 Sunday May 15th
 7 to 10 PM
 Monday May 16th
 7 to 10 PM
 Tuesday May 17th
 7 to 10 PM

Spring League #2 Playoffs on Saturday June 25th.

Early Spring League


Championship Tournament:  NEW DATE: Saturday April 30th.

The top two teams from each league will play off in a single elimination tournament.  (8 team tournament).

Team matches will be set up like we do during league play (1 vs 1, 1 vs 2, 1 vs 3, 2 vs 3 ...  5 vs 6, 6 vs 6)

****** Playoff schedule has changed.   ******

Early Spring 2011 Championships


Preseason dates and time:


The preseason dates and time in the league will be:

  • Saturday March 5th from 3 to 6 PM
  • Sunday March 6th from 3 PM to 6 PM
  • Monday March 7th from 7 PM to 10 PM
  • Tuesday March 8th from 7 PM to 10 PM

 These times are open to all the players that will be in the league. The format of play will be such that will allow the new players to play matches with the established league players in order to find their rating level.


Regular Season schedule:


The following are the days and times of the league:

  • Saturday 3 to 6 PM         First day March 12th  Last day April 16th
  • Sunday 3 to 6 PM           First day March 13th Last day April 17thth
  • Sunday 7 to 10 PM         First day March13th Last day April 17th      
  • Monday 7 to 10 PM        First day March 14th Last day April 18th
  • Tuesday 7 to 10 PM        First day March 15th Last day April 19th

Team Playoffs 11AM Saturday April 23rd

Individual playoffs Noon Sunday April 24th

Winter League Results


Champion Team


Pulsating Pastel Purple Princess Ponies


Rich Elarado

Russ Marz

Ty Oldenburg

Brookes Regenhardt

Dee Bulante

Brian Johnson


2nd Place Team


Gang Green


Shubham Chopra

Bryna Smith

Ravi Nagiri

Nick Faviccho

Jodi Fechner

Roger Martin


Quarter Finals


Pulsating Pastel Purple Princess Ponies defeat Tighty Whities

Blue Balls Defeat BB's

Gang Green Defeat Cookie Monsers

Red Team Defeat Red Rum


Semi Finals


Pulsating Pastel Purple Princess Ponies defeat Blue Balls

Gang Green Defeat Red Team




Pulsating Pastel Purple Princess defeat Gang Green


Singles Championship


1st Tim Aikey

2nd Louis Sien

3rd Tim Titrud