Thanks to the Blitz Ladd for providing us with a great location for holding our Table Tennis League and Tournaments.  Please read the note from the Blitz Manager at the bottom of this page.

2239 SE 11th Ave Portland, OR 97214

Note from the Blitz Manager:
My name is Steve and I manage Blitz Ladd. We love the League here at Blitz and are really thankful to have all of you here. The Pong room was created to facilitate the league and give you a real home here at Blitz. However, there has been an issue in regards to domination of the room on the weekends. Often times by a few who run off customers with intense matches. To make the room viable we need it open to the public, only on Friday and Saturday. We need it approachable and unintimidating for our non-league patrons. We need to make the room pay for itself. The league itself is not fiscally viable on its own. There are a lot of overhead expenditures that are not 
recaptured. The fees you pay are kept for the league to get new equipment. I am aware the signs that were posted by an employee here offended some. I understand and took the signs down. I am asking that if you do come in on the weekends, bring friends with you, spend lots of money at the bar, and keep it fun. No serious practice and/or 
competition on the weekends, keep it fun and approachable. It is two days of the week. Thank you for understanding the needs of Blitz. We are proud to be the home of the super cool table tennis players, you! 
Thanks Again, 
Steven Palmer