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Results of the Summer League Championships

posted Oct 12, 2009, 5:35 PM by Alan Zimmerman
Thanks for all that played in the Summer league. I will send out an E mail soon for the upcoming  Fall league.
Results of the $2500 Summer League
3rd place singles Brian Yoder from Sunday League defeated Pemba Sherpa from Monday League
3rd placeTwo Man team Joey Mayeda/Brian Ramage from the Monday League defeated Tim Titrud/ Al Sandoval from the Sunday League
3rd place Team Pemba from the  Monday league defeated 5 men and a Chinese women enter a bar from the Sunday league.
The winning third place team or individual went into the larger round robin event.
Team event
1st Sir Loops a lot and the Knights of the Rectangular Table
 $600 = $100 per person
Michael Chen
Rob Preston
Yun Fan
Tomer Roettgen
Sumit Sabharwal
Tibrewal Abhiek
2nd Team Pemba
 $240 = $40 per person
Pemba Sherpa
Tran Ngyen
Alan Zimmerman
Brookes Regenhardt
Bill Morris
Emma Parrott
3rd Dudez
$60 = $10 per person
Shua Ardahan
Brian Nioso
Alan Ashbaugh
David Kamens
Andrew Hickerson
Kyle Gunsul             


Two Man Team
1st Brian Yoder/ Jian Guo  $500 = $250 per person


2nd Dave Edward/ Ali Yusesef  $250 = $125 per person
3rd Suha Ardaham, Brian Nioso $100 = $50 per person
1st Brian Yoder $500
2nd Louis Sien    $200
3rd Tim Titrud     $50